West Islip UFSD 1:1 Chromebook Initiative Parent/Student Agreement

**Both parent/guardian and student will be required to sign this digital form at the end**
Please review the information below regarding our 1:1 technology initiative with your child:
- I will be ready to learn every day with my Chromebook. (This includes having it in school and fully
charged each day).
- I will be responsible and not remove the Chromebook from its protective case unless I have a model allowing for tablet mode and I will return it to the case once finished using it in tablet mode.
- I will be responsible and protect my Chromebook by always carrying it in a secure manner to avoid
damage both in and out of school.
- I will be responsible and never leave my Chromebook unattended in an unsecured or unsupervised
location in and out of school.
- I will be trustworthy and never loan out or allow other users to log on my Chromebook.
- I will be trustworthy and keep my Chromebook username and password secure.
- I will be trustworthy and responsible and use my Chromebook in ways that are appropriate for
- I will be respectful and speak, type, and interact with others in a caring and educational manner.
- I understand that the Chromebook I am issued is subject to inspection at any time without notice and
remains the property of West Islip Public School District.
- I understand that while at school and home the Chromebook is to be used for school work.
- I understand that while the school’s Internet filter works both in West Islip’s schools as well as at home.
- I must use the Internet safely and for educational purposes.
- I agree to secure the Chromebook I was assigned over the summer and keep it in good working
condition so that I can reuse it the following year.
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