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Synchronous / Virtual Learning Contract - CHS

This is the synchronous learning contract for CHS. If you are looking to access the contract for JFK, go to this link. Please complete a SEPARATE FORM FOR EACH CHILD.
To facilitate Remote and Virtual Learning, the District has authorized its faculty and administration to utilize Learning Management Systems (LMS). These platforms (predominantly Google Classroom) are useful educational tools and provide opportunities for a personal connection between teachers and students. Through these platforms, teachers will continue to maximize opportunities to engage students with meaningful work.  

The privacy and confidentiality of all participants is paramount. Parents/guardians must remember that  online learning is for students only and unless a student is in need of technical assistance, parents/guardians may not interrupt learning. If a parent/guardian has a question for their child’s teacher, he/she should contact the teacher outside of the learning session through email.  

All individuals, including students, their parents/guardians, and their family members, are prohibited from:  

  • Recording, taking photos, or taking screenshots of a video conference session or any content presented in any form during a remote learning session unless written permission is given by a teacher or administrator
  • Altering a videoconference session or any content during Remote/Virtual Learning
  • Sharing, posting, or otherwise distributing, in any manner, either physically or electronically, via email, text, or social media (such as Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, etc.) any video conference session, any part of a videoconference session, or any altered content, whether they have created or have received the recorded or altered content
  • Sharing any links, ID numbers, passwords, or invitations to a school video conference session with anyone not authorized by the teacher
  • Using the remote/ learning platforms for any purposes other than their intended use as directed by the classroom teacher
  • In the remote/virtual learning environment, students are to behave at all times as if they were at school.  Inappropriate behavior that will not be tolerated includes, but is not limited to:
    • Follow School Dress Code (see Code of Conduct)
    • Remain in working location (not in bed)
    • Making inappropriate faces, gestures or comments
    • Displaying an inappropriate virtual background or profile picture
    • Projecting or displaying inappropriate images
    • Bullying or cyberbullying of other students or the teacher

The teacher may stop the video feed of any participant at any time, at his/her sole discretion. In the event that inappropriate behavior occurs during an online learning session, the teacher will promptly end that session and notify Building Administration to investigate and follow up accordingly with the student(s) and their parent(s)/guardian(s). The student(s) will be subject to appropriate disciplinary consequences in accordance with the Code of Conduct (7310) and the Proper and Acceptable Student Technology Use (4510-R)


  • Attendance is mandatory at in-person (live) and remote (synchronous) days -  The student(s) will be subject to appropriate consequences in accordance with the Comprehensive Attendance (7110) and the Class Attendance and Course Completion (7111). Guidelines codes, etc. 
  • Cameras must be on during all remote sessions to verify presence and participation. Students must be visible on camera.
  • It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to contact school if the connection at home is insufficient.
  • Please be advised, with the unique structure of PE remote/virtual students will log on to the Google Meet for attendance and directions.  Please note, remote students may have alternate assignments to complete on Google Classroom.
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This is the synchronous learning contract for CHS. If you are looking to access the contract for JFK, go to this link. Please complete a SEPARATE FORM FOR EACH CHILD.