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Welcome to the Comsewogue School District Website Request Form.
If you are not editing your website directly, all website requests/changes MUST be submitted by completing this form.
Requests sent via regular email will NOT be completed, as per our agreement with OCR.

When possible, please submit your request at least 2-3 school days before the requested completion date.
This will allow for a proper review and completion of the item(s) you submit.

Please note that all requests are processed, reviewed and completed in the order in which they are received. For immediate website assistance, website accessibility (ADA) help, website training, or mobile app assistance, please call David Rebori at 631-642-4331 (x4331), or email
You MUST use your Comsewogue email address. Personal emails will NOT be accepted.
When possible, please leave at least 2-3 days for your request to be completed.

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Multiple requests that go together (i.e. Removing content from a page and updating that same page with new content) may be submitted in one form. Requests that do not relate to one another should be submitted in separate forms.
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Please Note: If you are uploading a video, please be aware of the following:
- Copyrighted music cannot be used. WeVideo has music that is royalty-free.
- Images and footage, when possible, should be your own. If they are not, you must cite them in the video.
- We may need to send your video to be closed-captioned for ADA Compliance. Please allow extra time for your request to be completed.

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